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Underfloor Support

Underfloor support

Underfloor Support - Overview

Capacity Fabricated out of 12ga (0.108") zinc plated steel the CableTalk Underfloor Support will strengthen the capacity of existing raised floor systems.


Modular The system has a modular design to accommodate standard floor heights and tile sizes. All systems are sold as kits and assembled using the appropriate bolt spacing. Expansion of the system is a matter of adding more sections of support.


Adjustable The system is height adjustable directly underneath the support pad by means of 4 jack screws.


Customizable Should your application require modifications not accounted for in the modular system, please contact CableTalk directly to discuss customization.


Note: Please contact our head office to discuss the system best suited for your application or to schedule an on site evaluation.

* Used to supplement the weight capacity of new or existing raised floor systems, the CableTalk Under Floor Support is designed to work in conjunction with a standard raised floor system by supporting the floor tiles directly.

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