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We are committed to the Quality of your Data Centre

Since 1992, the CableTalk brand has been synonymous with excellence and innovation over the course of its long-standing presence in the telecom industry. 

As in the past, we continue to develop new standard and custom products consistent with today's requirements. This website showcases our most popular products as well as some new introductions. 

If you don't see what you need on this website please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-800-267-7282 or speak with your local CableTalk distribution partner.

Robert Bédard

Robert R. Bédard

LOCAL NEWS (Jan. 14, 2018) - Robert Bedard named "Brampton Business Person of the Year"

Bempro Global Group Inc. President & CEO, Robert Bedard described as an innovator, visionary and community builder has landed top honours from the The Brampton Board of Trade. Read the full Brampton Guardian article.

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Who we are


A fully integrated operation specializing in the design and distribution of communication enclosures and equipment for modern network systems.

We're always listening


Extensive research and development is constantly underway to improve our products. We encourage customer feedback and are always taking input into account when developing new solutions.

What we offer


server cabinets, network racks, standard enclosures, mission critical climate control, seismic enclosures, cable management systems, structured wiring components, traffic enclosures and accessories for housing telecommunication equipment.

Our History


A pioneer in the voice & data industry, CableTalk was founded in 1992 and has been growing ever since. An integral part of the Bempro Group, CableTalk looks forward to the growing needs of the technology sector.

What we stand for


CableTalk has a simple goal - to provide top quality, reliable products at competitive prices. In other words, we strive to provide you with the best value in the marketplace.

Buying Power


Being a member of the Bempro Group has its advantages. Increase your buying power by adding custom metal fabrication or mission critical climate control products to your CableTalk order.


| History



Certainly ahead of its time, The Bempro Global Group ventures into the world of cable management and data centre cabinets, racks and custom solutions by purchasing and establishing CableTalk Systems. With the technology industry constantly expanding, with no signs of slowing down, the company's future is very bright.



JUNE 2008

Added to the Bempro Group of companies and now operating under "ClimateWorx International", the company is dedicated to the design and manufacture of quality precision air conditioning equipment. ClimateWorx continues to build on it’s reputation for being a global enterprise providing reliable mission critical climate control.

Visit ClimateWorxInternational.com


The BMO Financial Group received the 2008 Green Enterprise IT Award for IT Hardware Asset Utilization from the Uptime Institute for reducing energy consumption at their Greater Toronto Area computer centre. This was the only data centre in Canada at the time certified by Uptime as Tier 4, the highest rating that signifies their facility was completely fault tolerant. We are proud to have worked alongside BMO to complete this award winning data centre.






APRIL 2014

CableTalk proudly announced the launch of a new 24" Series IR In-Row air conditioner. With a compact footprint, maximum flexibility and up to 16 ton cooling capacity, the Series IR In-Row air conditioner was and still is ideally suited to combat hot spots and is a great compliment to the 12" In-Row.


Introducing the new CableTalk fingered cable management system, which routes cables exactly where needed using a bend radius friendly design.  Designed to be used on both rack and cabinet mounted configurations, CableTalk has a solution for your cable routing needs.

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APRIL 2014




JUNE 2014

CableTalk announces an 8" extension for the Wall Mount Industrial Cabinet. Extending the useable depth to 28.5", this retrofit able extension bolts together in two pieces for easy installation. 


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JUNE 2014

Introduced the new CableTalk hot aisle containment system. The modular system is designed to fit any height or depth cabinet, including filler panels which seal the gap in an aisle where a cabinet is yet to come. 

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Launched sound deadening for cabinets in order to reduce the transmitted noise levels of the server space. CableTalk can permanently adhere acoustic insulation to the inside of full size cabinets or wall mount cabinets. 


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MARCH 2016

CableTalk enters the traffic/outdoor enclosure industry selling highly customizable fixtures to the marketplace.


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CableTalk launches a brand new desktop and mobile website to meet modern demand. Look forward to many more upgrades to come.

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Specialized Services:

- Tempest Rated -- High Security

- Pre-configured Cabinets

- Collocation Cabinets

- Seismic

- Ganged Racking Solutions

- Cable Management Systems

- Overhead Cable Management

- Modular Furniture for server rooms

- Indoor/Outdoor Applications -- NEMA

- Power Distribution/Power Protection Units

- Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

- Mission Critical Climate Control (A/C)

- Traffic Enclosures

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 4:30pm

Sat-Sun: Closed

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