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10-32 Tapped Style

Cage Nut Style

Cage Nut Style

10-32 Tapped Style

10-32 Tapped Style
High Density

Cabinet Mounting Angles

Product Features:


  • Durable black textured powder paint finish



  • 10-32 Tapped mounting angles fabricated of 11 GA (0.120”) steel, Cage nut style fabricated of 13 GA (0.090”), to support 19” EIA standard components, such as shelves, electronic equipment, patch panels, and server units

  • Sold in sets of 2

  • Mounting angles include permanently marked U-spacing identification

  • Standard screw for tapped angles: 10-32 x 0.5” Length black Robertson/slot combination pan head machine screw. Screws sold separately.

  • Follows EIA 310-D universal hole spacing


NOTE: Cable access holes standard on mounting angles for 30” width cabinets.

High Density Mounting Angle

  • Available in tapped, CTC3-MA-14-FL-B or cage nut, 
    CTC3-MA-14C-FL-B, both with fibre loop capability

  • Ideal for use in high density cable installation

  • Use in 30” wide cabinets only, mounting angle offset required.

  • Use in combination with CTC3-MA-22-B, either tapped or cage nut to maintain 19”EIA

  • Large cable access holes

  • Use of High Density Cable Management, CTC3-CMS-13-B, is recommended.

  • In order to reduce air flow, filler panels, CTC3-MA-14FL-FP-B, are available to cover the access holes in the CTC3-CMS-13-B vertical cable manager. The filler panels mount to CTC3-MA-14-FL-B offset mounting angle.



  • Available in 10-32 tapped or cage nut style

  • Cage nuts available in 10-32 and 12-24

  • Fibre loops available

  • Numbered U-space labelling

  • Grommet for access holes to protect cables

10-32 Tapped Mounting Angles

Cage Nut Mounting Angles


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