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Metered Power Bars

Product Features:


  • Black smooth powder paint finish



  • Fabricated from 18 GA (0.048") steel

  • Slim profile power bars mount into 19” EIA cabinet frames or network racks

  • Digital display of real time amperage to assist with proper power distribution. This visual display prevents overloading when adding additional network devices

  • Breaker protection with reset button for ease of resetting in the event of an overload

  • Three-stage surge protection, for complete protection of all types of power surges

  • Three prong power cord and multiple power outlets.

  • Illuminated power switch showing power "ON"

  • Comes standard with a 7’ power cord

  • Comes standard in 15 amp capacity



  • Available in stainless steel

  • 15 ft power cord available

  • Twist lock plug available

  • Switch-disabled option available

  • Shielded cord available on request

Standard Dimensions

Horizontal Power Bars:

Vertical Power Bars:

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