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Sound Dampening

Product Features:

Acoustic Insulation 
To reduce the transmitted noise levels of the server space, CableTalk can permanently adhere acoustic insulation to the inside of full size cabinets.
• 1" thick acoustic insulation is manufactured from inorganic glass fiber bonded with a thermosetting binder and has a black mat bonded to the surface which faces the airstream.
• Insulation is permanently glued to the inside of the doors and side panels.

Wall Mount Extension Kit

Product Features:


  • Durable black textured powder paint finish



  • For use with Wall Mount-Industrial Cabinet.

  • Extends depth by 8" to a usable depth of 28.5".

  • Retrofitable two piece construction bolts together for easy installation.

  • Uses existing hinges and latches from Wall Mount-Industrial Cabinet.

  • Frame constructed of 16GA (0.060") steel


Note: Must be installed to industry and CableTalk standards


Standard Dimensions

Key Locks

Cooling Fan


Product Features:

Key lock
Flush-style key lockable doors available front and rear.

Fans for thermal load management available. Optional filter kit is recommended.

Gasketing for NEMA/Harsh environment applications available. Gasketing is 1 piece extruded neoprene, attached by 3M heat sensitive adhesive.

Wall Mount Solutions

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