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Co-location Frame

Lower compartment shelf sold separately.

Co-location Cabinet Frames

Product Features:


  • Durable black textured powder paint finish



  • Frame constructed of rugged 13GA steel

  • Fully welded for rigidity

  • 83” tall cabinet, with up to 44 U-Space of vertical capacity

  • Secure compartments for multiple customers

  • Ideal for data center environments

  • Built standard with perforated roofs

  • Maximum opening in the base of the cabinet

  • Standard mounting locations for left or right opening doors

  • Provisions for 4 ground lugs (1 supplied)

  • Provisions for fans and cable entry on top

  • Provisions for ½ or full height doors

  • Provisions for cable pass through for ganging situations. Comes with tamper proof cover plates.



Co-location cabinet frames support the line of:

  • Doors, full and half height

  • Locks or push button

  • Side panels, perforated or solid

  • Cover plates

  • Mounting angles, full and half height

  • Shelves

  • Cable Management System (“CMS”), full and half height

  • Power solutions

  • Ganging kit

  • Cooling fans


Note: All of our cabinets are fully customizable. If desired options are not listed, speak with your CableTalk representative.

Co-location cabinets are available with 4 compartments upon request.

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Co-Location Frames

Note: Co-location frames do not come with casters or levelers.

Co-Location Components

Co-location cabinets can be assembled as 1 or 2 compartments units. Below are items for each scenario.

CTC3-2436-CLP-B (Use in 2-compartment cabinets)

CTC3-2436-CLP-B (Use in 1-compartment cabinets)

CTC3-3036-CLP-B (Use in 2-compartment cabinets)

CTC3-3036-CLP-B (Use in 1-compartment cabinets)

Note: Options on power bars are available.

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