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3100 Series Pre-Configured Cabinet

Product Features:


  • Durable black textured powder paint finish



  • Frame constructed of rugged 13GA steel

  • 83” tall cabinet, with 44 U-Space of vertical capacity

  • 2 Solid locking side panels for 30” deep cabinet

  • Solid back door or louvered-plate back door for 30” wide cabinet

  • Front door for 30” wide cabinet featuring a bronze-tinted lexan window. Comes standard with a recessed, keyed locking mechanism

  • Both front and back doors mount flush with the cabinet frame

  • 2 beveled full height vertical cable management channels with magnetic snap doors, mounted on either side of the front door

  • 2 x 10-32 tapped, 19” EIA standard mounting angles with stamped U-spacing identification, suitable for front mount equipment

  • Includes 2 top mounted 120mm, 97 cfm/fan cooling fans, and a 12-outlet vertical power bar



Back door options include:

  • Solid door

  • Louvered-plate door

  • Key'd differently

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UL Listed

CTC-3100S-B Solid rear door shown, louvered rear door not shown.

Kit Contents

CTC3-3100L-B :: Cabinet Kit with Louvered Rear Door

CTC3-3100S-B :: Cabinet Kit with Solid Rear Door

3100 Series Cabinet
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