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Perforated Door

Perforated Door

Lexan Windowed Door

Lexan Windowed Door

Solid Door

Solid Door

Louvered Door
Extended Perforatd Door

Louvered Door

Extended Perforated Door






Cabinet Doors Overview

Product Features:


  • Durable black textured powder paint finish



  • Fabricated of 16 GA (0.060”) steel

  • Welded corners for added rigidity

  • Doors come standard with flush-mounted locking handle, other options available

  • Bronze-tinted lexan window 3/16” thick in windowed doors

  • Reversible right and left-hand swing with replacement hinges (not included)
    Click here for Cabinet Door Reversal Instructions

  • Style options include:

    • Solid door

    • Perforated door

    • Lexan windowed door

    • Louvered door

    • Louvered lexan-windowed door

    • New! Extended lexan-windowed door (not shown above)

    • New! Extended perforated door

  • Extended door provides an extra 2 inches of depth clearance

  • Doors mount flush with frame


Note: Unless otherwise specified, all doors ship from factory left-hand swing. Consult manufacturer for details/ instructions to reverse.


  • Security options include:

    • Standard locking flush-mounted handles

    • Push Button Locks

    • 3-pt and 4-pt locking doors for NEMA applications

    • Electronic Access Control Locks

    • Dial Combination / key lock

Note: All of our cabinets are fully customizable. If desired options are not listed, speak with your CableTalk distribution partner.

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